LM+Co’s Jim Loughlin to Present Restructuring Options at SPEE Houston Chapter Luncheon Meeting

Loughlin Management Partners is proud to present “Restructuring in the oil + gas sector” at the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE) on March 2, 2016 in Houston, TX. James J. Loughlin Jr, LM+Co’s Principal + Managing Director, will be the guest speaker at the luncheon meeting, hosted by the organization’s Houston chapter, focusing his presentation on the process and likely outcomes of restructuring.

The presentation comes at a crucial time; the recent drop in commodity prices has led to the bankruptcy filings of more than 40 energy producers and service companies, with many more working hard to avoid a similar fate. Jim will discuss how the industry got to this point, the objectives of restructuring, some possible alternatives, including prearranged and free-fall bankruptcy, and how the future state of the industry could look.

LM+Co provides a full suite of advisory and consulting services, assisting investors and lenders mitigate the potential risks in today’s oil + gas market. LM+Co Capital, our independent affiliate broker-dealer, provides corporate finance services exclusively to the middle-market. LM+Co’s Energy team can help companies adjust their strategies, restructure their operations and capital structures to confront the complexity associated with healthcare investments. For further information, please visit www.lmcopartners.com

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Middle-Market Oil Field Service Companies: Fighting Zombie Loans in the Oil Patch


Plummeting energy prices have dramatically increased the number of failing middle-market Oil Field Services (OFS) companies. These zombies in the oil patch can’t stem the virus of negative cash flows despite cutting labor costs, operating expenses and capital budgets. They are still trying to operate but often not paying all their obligations to lenders, vendors, sub-contractors, employees and other creditors. Despite their struggle to survive, many face imminent collapse and liquidation after becoming increasingly over-levered and saddled with equipment they can’t sell.

Lenders are realizing that these zombies lurk in their portfolios, and are witnessing companies, in essence, liquidating to survive. In today’s market, recovery options for lenders are limited as over-supply has led to incredibly low realizable values on OFS equipment. Waiting and hoping for the business to return is no longer an option for lenders. Further delays will only result in the company’s continued deterioration and possible free fall into restructuring or liquidation. Lenders increasingly need to assess and deal with these zombies with the help of an outside professional that can provide their OFS companies with the expertise and guidance to address the immediate lack of liquidity and develop restructuring alternatives that maximizes recovery.

As energy price volatility continues in global markets, LM+Co provides a full range of advisory services to lenders and the OFS companies in their portfolio. Our Energy + Power team can help OFS companies adjust their strategies, restructure operations and develop an approach to confront turbulent market conditions.

Too Much Equipment? Addressing Oil Field Service Companies’ Asset Utilization


Excess supply and the subsequent plummet in oil prices created the predictable drop in drilling activity by Exploration + Production companies. With limited visibility on when the Oil + Gas industry will improve and drilling activity return to some “normalized” level, many Oil Field Service (“OFS”) companies need to continually focus on maintaining costs.

What should an OFS company facing excess assets and low utilization do? Factors complicating each individual decision include the type of equipment, age, maintenance costs, liquidation value, ownership (own, lease or loan collateral), carrying costs (lease rate or loan payment), potential equity in the equipment, lessor or lender type (i.e. institutional or captive financing). The most important factor is determining if the equipment is excess. LM+Co’s Patrick Fodale discusses what process OFS companies should adopt in order to systematically address excess (and often idle) equipment.

As volatility continues in global energy markets, LM+Co provides a full range of advisory services to OFS companies and our Energy + Power team can help companies adjust their strategies, restructure their operations and capital structures to confront turbulent market conditions.

LM+Co proud to sponsor EUCI Financial Restructuring + Turnaround for Oil + Gas Companies Conference

Loughlin Management Partners is proud to sponsor and participate in the EUCI Financial Restructuring + Turnaround for Oil + Gas Companies conference. This event provides a forum for industry executives, investors, legal professionals and restructuring experts to discuss current options and trends within the energy sector regarding corporate restructuring and turnaround cases and opportunities. LM+Co’s Murray Brasseux will be answering questions during a panel discussion that will give attendees the opportunity to pose questions about the current distressed environment. Topics from the role of Capital Markets and complex debt structures, to the pros and cons of out-of-court restructurings and the role of regulatory authorities will be addressed by a panel of seasoned experts whose legal, M+A and operating experience bring a wealth of perspectives to the panel.

LM+Co provides a full range of advisory services to companies and their investors, as volatility continues in global energy markets. LM+Co’s Energy team can help companies adjust their strategies, restructure their operations and capital structures to confront turbulent market conditions. For further information, please see www.lmcopartners.com

Oilfield Service Companies to Ride Out the Low Price of Oil


LM+Co is pleased to announce that it has enhanced its capabilities to address the restructuring needs of the Energy Sector focusing on debtor and lender advisory services. Our deep knowledge of industrial company operations both in manufacturing and service businesses combined with our core capabilities in turnaround management and restructuring, have been immensely useful to companies and their stakeholders that support oil and gas exploration, production and refining.

We have added a number of folks to our team, most notably Murray Brasseux who has been a leading energy financier for the past 30 years. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of the industry. Murray previously ran the Oil and Gas Division of BBVA Compass Bank in Houston. Having financed hundreds of energy companies over the past three decades, Murray is well known in the industry.

Falling prices for oil and gas has led to a sharp decline in drilling activity. Oilfield service companies are feeling the stress of falling demand for their services. We estimate that oil and gas reserve borrowing bases have contracted by 15-20% during the first half of this year, adding additional liquidity strain to exploration and production companies experiencing both falling revenues and profits. Another contraction in borrowing bases in the second half of this year is a real possibility. Companies and their stakeholders should be planning for just such a contingency.

 A Battle Plan for Oilfield Service Companies to Ride Out the Low Price of Oil speaks to the issues currently facing oilfield service companies and an approach to dealing with the operational and financial pressures. With its full suite of advisory, consulting and corporate finance services, LM+Co can assist companies and their stakeholders to weather the current industry downturn.

LM+Co proud to sponsor OGIS New York 2015

Loughlin Management Partners is proud to sponsor and participate in the Independent Petroleum Association of America’s 21st Annual Oil & Gas Investment Symposium New York.  There is no better way to stay connected with the major companies and investors in the Oil & Gas industry than this outstanding event.  We look forward to not only reconnecting with our contacts in Oil & Gas, but also making new connections as we continue to grow our practice in this dynamic industry.

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