Transportation + Logistics

The second half of 2015 was a turning point for the transportation + logistics industry and many companies will need to implement significant changes that maximize value and drive profitability. Stock prices have become extremely sensitive to shifts from light to heavy asset acquisitions, the temporary reduction in diesel fuel now looks like a multi-year correction and smaller Oil Field Services companies are idling more equipment with drivers returning to freight transport, temporarily neutralizing the upward pressure on driver compensation. Significantly, the US Government passed its first transportation funding legislation to last longer than two years since 2005, resulting in a number of regulatory adjustments to the industry.

LM+Co can assist transportation companies maximize the impact of these macro issues while addressing the eight critical profitability levers to minimize costs and maximize value creation: revenue, route engineering + dispatch, driver capacity + mix, safety, fleet composition, MPG, maintenance, and overhead (SG+A).

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