California Proton Therapy Center, LLC Re-Launches California Protons

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — California Proton Therapy Center, LLC today announced the official re-launch of California Protons, a cancer treatment center located at 9730 Summers Ridge Road in San Diego. California Protons features an expanded physician group and new management team and ownership, effectively positioning the Center for continued excellent patient care, as well as growth and success.

All of the treatment rooms at California Protons are equipped with the most advanced proton beam technology, allowing doctors to treat even the most complex and aggressive cancers. The Center uses pencil-beam scanning technology to precisely target tumors while protecting healthy, normal tissue and surrounding organs. Protons can be delivered within an accuracy of less than two millimeters, making this treatment especially effective at combatting cancer in sensitive areas such as the brain, spine, lung, breast and prostate, and is widely regarded as the best option for treating pediatric patients with cancer.

Dr. Andrew L. Chang, the department Chief of Pediatric Cancers at California Protons, is president of the Proton Doctors Professional Corporation (PDPC), the oncologist group providing clinical leadership at the Center. Dr. Carl Rossi, who has treated more than 9,000 prostate cancer patients with proton therapy—more than any other physician in the world—is the Medical Director of the Center. The Center’s physicians have more than 50 years of collective proton therapy experience.

“At California Protons, we are committed to continuing the delivery of outstanding and effective patient care,” says Dr. Carl Rossi. “By expanding our existing affiliations with the University of California, Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego and other healthcare institutions throughout the state, we will increase patient access to the Center and, among other things, enhance our ability to participate in clinical trials and research.”

“The Center has been recapitalized and the investor group has provided additional financial support to allow the Center to grow,” says James J. Loughlin, Jr., Managing Partner at Loughlin Management Partners + Co., the healthcare turnaround specialists who are working with the physicians and ownership on the transition plan. “The re-launch of the Center as California Protons is an exciting event and we look forward to a highly successful future working with the team of expert proton physicians, nurses, physicists, technologists and dosimetrists at the Center to make this state-of-the-art cancer fighting tool available to all of the residents of San Diego and California.”

About California Protons
One of only two proton therapy centers in California and 25 nationwide, California Protons combines cutting-edge proton treatment capabilities with a team of radiation oncologists who amass more than 50 years of collective proton therapy experience. The Center leverages revolutionary intensity-modulated pencil-beam scanning technology to release a high dose of cancer-killing radiation that conforms precisely to the unique shape and size of the tumor. This approach effectively targets and treats even the most complex and aggressive cancers, sparing surrounding healthy tissues and organs. For more information, please visit

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