Exit Preparation

LM+Co provides exit readiness services to boost EBITDA and maximize exit multiples for potential sellers. Our efforts to capitalize on exit readiness often starts as early as two years prior to initiating a sale process.

Our exit readiness program includes both revenue growth initiatives and cost reduction strategies. Our proven approach assists Management in creating the strongest possible enterprise value.

Our Exit Preparation Services include:

  • Exit Strategy Review
  • Rapid Strategic Process Review
  • EBITDA Impact Assessment
  • Revenue Enhancement Assessment
  • Span of Control Assessment
  • Strategic Sourcing Review
  • Exit Readiness Assessment
  • Exit Restructuring
  • M+A Advisory*
  • Capital Advisory*
  • Business Valuation
*Provided by LM+Co Capital, an independently operated affiliate of LM+Co. A licensed broker dealer, LM+Co Capital is registered with FINRA, SIPC.