Pre-Transaction Diligence and Synergy Planning

LM+Co has conducted hundreds of due diligence projects across a variety of industries and sectors. Our professionals fully understand the risks, challenges and opportunities that can be identified during a thorough investigation.

LM+Co has developed a Pre-Transaction Due Diligence Playbook that assesses the enterprise by function while applying a cross-functional lens to understand interdependencies and how people, processes and technology enable business. In the case of Merger Pre-Transaction Diligence, we prepare an acquirer to hit the ground running and maximize value on Day 1.

Our Pre-Transaction Diligence and Synergy Planning Services include:

  • Operational Diligence
  • IT Diligence of Talent, Applications, Infrastructure, Budget and Current Projects
  • Operational and IT CapEx/OpEx, One-Time Cost and Future Run-Rate Estimates
  • Synergy Identification by Function and Development of Plans to Validate and Capture Value
  • Validation of Deal Thesis and New Value Proposition