Supply Chain Services

Supply chains today are increasingly interconnected, complex and global with many entities working in unison to source, manufacture and deliver products to customers. In today’s increasingly volatile world, supply chains must be structured in such a way that they can quickly and efficiently adapt to changes over which they have no control: natural disasters, political instability, regulation and dramatic economic changes.

The goal of an optimized supply chain is to help companies respond quickly and effectively while minimizing negative impacts of these disruptions on revenues, costs and customers. LM+Co’s Supply Chain services playbook specifically targets the needs of supply chain executives within operations, finance and procurement supporting all facets of a complex, global, end-to-end supply chain network.

Our Supply Chain Services include:


  • Align supply chain processes and operating models with the business strategy
  • Develop blueprint to achieve current objectives
  • Sustain success through integration of people, process and technology

Network Optimization

  • Employ a combination of state-of-the-art modeling tools and industry experience to diagnose current state
  • Right-size facilitiies
  • Identify the best locations to meet customer demand, cost profile and service level


  • Warehouse profiling
  • LEAN
  • RFP Management (3PL selection)

Transportation + Logistics Management

  • Procurement – Carrier/3PL sourcing, RFP Management and Implementation
  • Mode optimization
  • Private fleet optimization
  • Technology selection and implementation support

Inventory Optimization Services

  • SKU rationalization and profitability analysis
  • Inventory reduction analysis

Private Equity Portfolio Companies

  • Develop synergy analysis and post-close roadmap
  • M+A/post transaction supply chain integrations
  • Supply chain network evaluations